About - Lia Konrad

I'm a 23 -year old fine art- and conceptual photographer currently based in Hof & Bayreuth , Germany.  I've done my first footsteps in photography  in September 2014 and just shortly after that  I became truly passionate about it very quickly.

Inspired by fairytales, art and music I began to create otherworldy images, which make the viewers lose themselves in the photo.
With every image I want to tell you a story, I’m not a fan of just taking pictures of pretty girls without a meaning behind it. Also, I think every image is more powerful with a background story, maybe that's why I consider myself more of a storyteller than a actual photographer because the story behind an image and the imagination of the viewer to the photo is really important to me. So, if you look carefully my images will tell you a story.

Name: Lia Konrad
Age: 23
Based in: Hof, Germany
Favorites: dragons, video games,
game of thrones, movie soundtracks
Contact: liancary@hotmail.com

Booking Information
I'm available for several kinds of photo shootings


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